New queries for reportbug-ng

Instead of the boring “package” queries, rng used to support ‘till now, rng now supports all the queries our BTS supports:

Returns all the bugs belonging to the PACKAGE
Returns the bug with BUGNUMBER and loads it into the built in browser immediately
Returns all the bugs assigned to MAINTAINER
Returns all the bugs belonging to the SOURCEPACKAGE
Returns all the bugs filed by SUBMITTER
Returns all the bugs of SEVERITY. Warning this list is probably very long. Recognized are the values: critical, grave, serious, important, normal, minor and wishlist
Returns all the bugs marked with TAG

Those queries are available on the command line too and behave exacly as if entered in the program: The syntax is: rng [QUERY], where query is one of the above (and rng a convenient shortcut to reportbug-ng).

An example: if you start rng, you’ll get the full list of all bugreports I’ve ever reported. Now you can filter the list to find all bugreports I’ve filed against, say: qgo… voila. It doesn’t get any easier than that, does it?

Those new queries and a few changes under the hood required quite a lot of refactoring in the code and I’m somewhat scared that I’ve introduced some new bugs. So I guess I should stop releasing so often (or for at least 10 days so rng can finally enter testing) and use the time to start writing some unit tests.