Reportbug-NG finally in testing!

Waiting ten days for rng to slip into testing, I had enough time to stuff the next version with new features and small bugfixes. The most interesting ones are:

  • Added SOAP support and enabled it by default. Feel free to mess around with the look and feel of our BTS, rng doesn’t depend on it anymore.
  • Support for WNPP bugs. Well, you could use rng to file WNPP bugs before, but now rng actively supports you with a nice template for ITP and RFP reports.
  • Mayor user interface overhaul. rng.png
  • Use’s xdg-utils to decide which browser to use to open URLs. This should allow rng to open the browser you set as default in your desktop environment.

In totally unrelated news, I finally managed to master Rubenstein’s Revenge.