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  1. Creating Beautiful Github Streaks

    Creating Beautiful Github Streaks

    Github streaks are a pretty fun and harmless way of visualizing your contributions on github or gitlab. Some people use them to brag a little, some companies use them to check out potential candidates. It’s all good as long as everyone is aware how easily …

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  2. Dotenv CLI

    As a small weekend project I wrote my own dotenv CLI. Dotenv-CLI is a simple package that provides the dotenv command. It reads the .env file from the current directory puts the contents in the environment and executes the given command.

    Example .env file:

    BASIC=basic basic
    export EXPORT …
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  3. Introducing Litestats

    Profiling in Python has always been easy, however, analyzing the profiler’s output not so much. After the profile has been created you can use Python’s pstats module but it feels quite clumsy and not really empowering. For Python 2 there has been RunSnakeRun, a very convenient tool for …

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  4. Thanks!

    Two months ago I asked for help porting python-debianbts, to Python3. Python-debianbts is a tiny little library that allows for querying Debian’s bug tracking system. Since Debian’s reportbug depends on it, the library is installed on ca 80% of the Debian installations. The main blocker back then was …

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  5. Please Help to Port python-debianbts to Python3

    Dear Lazyweb,

    I’m currently trying to find a way to port python-debianbts to Python3. Debian’s standard bugreport tool reportbug depends on python-debianbts and can thus not convert to Python3 if python-debianbts does not as well. Unfortunately python-debianbts depends on SoapPy for parsing the Debian bugtracker’s responses, and …

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