1. RC Bug Triage

    In the last three days I made 15 NMUs, fixing 11 RC- and 4 l10n-bugs.

    I noticed that some maintainers were not aware that one of their packages had an open RC bug from the mails I received afterwards. So please double check your QA package for open RC bugs …

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  2. Random Firefox Tweaks

    The following options have to be changed or added in about:config. Those tweaks can of course be achieved through extensions, but by setting them directly you can abandon some extensions and hopefully conserve some memory.

    In order to open a bookmark-folder with mid-click in tabs without overwriting the current …

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  3. Pimp My Boot Process

    I’ve tested Ubuntu the other day and I must say I was really impressed how polished the boot process looked. Ubuntu uses the same image as grub splash and as usplash image. This has the nice effect that there is no visible switch between grub and usplash. I don …

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