1. Dear Lazyweb,

    Icedove, Iceape, Evolution, Sylpheed, Sylpheed-Claws and Mutt.

    Is your favorite mail client missing? Does your mail client accept URLs in mailto-format? If yes, please drop me a note containing the name of your mail client, if it needs a terminal (like mutt) and an example call which starts the client …

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  2. Reportbug-NG at Alioth

    Yesterday I mentioned a small project of mine called reportbug-ng. The feedback so far was very positive. Looks like quite a few people out there would like to see a desktop version of reportbug.

    Since I’ve already received a few patches via email, I decided to move the project …

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  3. A Screencast is Worth a Thousand Pictures

    It’s still in a very early stage (I’ve started coding it yesterday), but it’s basic functionality is already there: You can query the BTS, filter the list of bugreports in realtime by typing something and view the full bugreports in HTML. You can even provide additional information …

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  4. Pimp My Boot Process (III)

    Short version:
    $ sudo aptitude install desktop-base splashy splashy-themes $ sudo splashy_config --set-theme debian-moreblue $ sudo vim /boot/grub/menu.lst

    timeout 3
    # defoptions=quiet splash

    $ sudo update-grub

    Long version:

    A few weeks ago I tried to improve the visual appearance of my boot process using usplash and a matching grub splash …

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