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New python-debianbts in experimental

Last month, I asked for help migrating python-debianbts to zeep, a SOAP library that would replace the now unmaintained pysimplesoap. The main blocker was the lack of a proper WSDL file provided by Debian’s BTS software, debbugs.

Peter De Wachter pointed out other issues with debbugs’ SOAP implementation and provided a patch that solves the whole issue by removing the dependency on an external SOAP library altogether by implementing the required bits of the SOAP protocol directly in python-debianbts. The new version is completely backwards compatible, and the test suites of python-debianbts and reportbug are still passing.

Apparently, while working on this patch, Peter also uncovered an issue with the type hints defined in Python’s xml.etree module, for which he also provided a patch. Really great work!

I’ve uploaded the new version to Debian/experimental for now to get some exposure and feedback, before uploading it to unstable.

Peter, thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate it!