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New python-debianbts in experimental

— Thanks to Peter De Wachter, python-debianbts no longer depends on an external SOAP library

Help needed: creating a WSDL file to interact with debbugs

— I need help from someone with experience in SOAP and debbugs to create a WSDL file for Debian's Bug Tracking System

Investigating popularity of Python build backends over time

— Inspired by a Mastodon post, I wanted to investigate how the popularity of build backends used in pyproject.toml files evolved since the introduction of PEP-0517 in 2015.

dotenv-cli update

— dotenv-cli now ues exec on POSIX systems to create new processes

Blag 2.0 released

— I released a major update on blag, which introduces a few backwards incompatible changes and many improvements.

The State of Python Packaging in 2022

— Every year, I revisit the current best practices for Python packaging. This is my summary for 2022.


— Due to recent events around Twitter, I finally decided to give Mastodon a try.

Keychron keyboards fixed on Linux

— Since Linux 5.19, the Function keys of Keychron keyboards are finally working out of the box.

blag is now available in Debian

— After a year I finally got around creating a Debian package for blag.

Managing dotfiles with GNU Stow

— How to use GNU Stow to manage the symlinks to the dotfile repository.

The State of Python Packaging in 2021

— Every year, I revisit the current best practices for Python packaging. This is my 2021 edition.

Getting the Function keys of a Keychron working on Linux

— The Keychron C1 (and other Keychron models) do not work properly on Linux: the Function keys are not accessible at all, here's how to fix them.

Writing Makefiles for Python Projects

— Exploring two different strategies for using Makefiles in Python projects

Perfection is Achieved When There is Nothing Left to Take Away

— In 14 years since starting this blog, I changed the software several times, with each iteration simplifying requirements and setup.

Installing Debian on a Thinkpad T14s

— Due to non-free firmware it is still difficult to install Debian on recent hardware.

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