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RC Bug Triage

In the last three days I made 15 NMUs, fixing 11 RC- and 4 l10n-bugs.

I noticed that some maintainers were not aware that one of their packages had an open RC bug from the mails I received afterwards. So please double check your QA package for open RC bugs and fix them if you can.

If you have some spare time please go to the unofficial RC-bugs page and check the bugs which are older than 7 days and affect etch and sid. We’re currently in a permanent BSP till etch is out, so 0-day NMUs are allowed.

If you are an NM or no maintainer at all, you still can help by providing patches, submitting them to the BTS and tagging the bug with “patch”. Someone will upload ASAP and might even thank you in the corresponding changelog entry.