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Articles tagged "debian"

dotenv-cli update

— dotenv-cli now ues exec on POSIX systems to create new processes

Blag 2.0 released

— I released a major update on blag, which introduces a few backwards incompatible changes and many improvements.

The State of Python Packaging in 2022

— Every year, I revisit the current best practices for Python packaging. This is my summary for 2022.


— Due to recent events around Twitter, I finally decided to give Mastodon a try.

blag is now available in Debian

— After a year I finally got around creating a Debian package for blag.

The State of Python Packaging in 2021

— Every year, I revisit the current best practices for Python packaging. This is my 2021 edition.

Getting the Function keys of a Keychron working on Linux

— The Keychron C1 (and other Keychron models) do not work properly on Linux: the Function keys are not accessible at all, here's how to fix them.

Installing Debian on a Thinkpad T14s

— Due to non-free firmware it is still difficult to install Debian on recent hardware.

Dotenv CLI

— dotenv-cli is a Python package that provides the dotenv command.

Orphaning reportbug-ng

— After several years without development, it is time to say goodbye to reportbug-ng.

Please Help to Port python-debianbts to Python3

General Resolution is not required

Wee! Wheezy is out (better late than never)

Shiny new iPod Nano 6G... fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

Happy Birthday Debian!

Suggestions for a Graphics Tablet?


Can aptitude show older versions of packages if available in /var/cache/apt/archives?

Helping awstats to correctly interpret lighttpd's log format

How to get a list of manually installed packages (and remove the other ones)

No sound with Gnome 3 and pulseaudio?

KDE4's annoying taskbar

Happy Birthday Debian!

Not coming to DebConf

I'm going to DebConf11

Installing Dropbox in Debian/Sid

Dear Lazyweb


Canon IXUS 130

Google Summer of Code 2010 Mentor Summit Report

Introducing python-popcon

Happy Birthday Debian!

Goodbye DebConf10

Debconf: Day 2

I'm going to DebConf10

I may go to Debconf 10

Running Gnome Applets in KDE

Debbugs RW-SOAP API Project in GSoC 2010

apt-get update slow when LANG != C?

Reportbug-ng can now hide closed bugs

Reportbug-ng now supports complex queries

Links not opening in Thunderbird 3?

How to find packages installed/updated yesterday?

git bisect, ccache, cowbuilder


The sorry state of Python in Debian

Python2.6 Blockers

reportbug-ng has localization support again

Python 2.6 Transition

python-debianbts 1.0 uploaded to unstable

Please help to complete python-debianbts


Package Completion for Rng

Debconf 11 in Berlin?

LinuxTag 2009

Using rng for bug triaging

Reportbug finally has a GUI!

git-svn branch


Valentine's Day!

Nice(r) console fonts

How many bugs have you fixed today?

Lenny Release General Resolution

Lenny's release date III

Lenovo T500 (shiny new laptop)

rm -rf /

Lenny's release date

Finally, a Debian Live CD

What is group x in /etc/group for and should I be a member?

My guess for Lenny's release date

Maximize vs Maximize to Preferred Size

Tab Completion in Python's Interactive Mode

Linux Action Show

actual file size does not match size in .changes

Linuxtag 2008

4 months and 10 days without any new Debian developer...

The Eagle has Landed

Good Python IDE

Juten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Forcing win32-loader to use i386?

Time-lapse-video-with-your-webcam mini HOWTO

(Almost) Back

Howto setup a print server for Windows (and others) using CUPS and zeroconf

My top 5 Firefox/Thunderbird annoyances

On Debian Maintainers

Small web calendar sought

1 Kilobyte = 1000 ± 24 bytes

Rebuilding the Archive Using Cowbuilder (II)


Using zeroconf to resolve local hostnames

4GB RAM on a T60?

Last chance for LinuxTag 2007

Making cool panoramic pictures with hugin

What about a contest for the next theme?

How long does it take to turn a feature into a bug?

Since More and More People Are Referencing to

Dear SoC enthusiasts,

Etch Won't Ship Wordpress

Pimp My Boot Process (III)

Rebuilding the Archive Using Cowbuilder

DPL 2007, Current Candidates

Pimp My Boot Process (II)

Number concerning the next release: 104

First Candidate

RC Bug Triage

Random Firefox Tweaks

Number concerning the next release: 116

Pimp My Boot Process

Allow myself to introduce.......... myself!

Hello World!