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Pimp My Boot Process (II)

I’m still working on a grub/usplash splashscreen in order to pimp my boot process.

Let’s see what we have:

Creating the grub image is rather easy. What’s obviously missing here is the correct position and color of the text stuff.

Creating a working splash image for usplash was kinda tricky. I tried several HOWTOs which took a long time since I had to reboot in order to test the result. Unfortunately every attempt I made resulted in either a blank screen or the default fallback splash.

As a last resort I took the source of debian-edu-artwork which has a working usplash, replaced their image with mine and rebuild the package. I don’t know yet why, but it worked.

I plan to create package with combined grub/usplash(/xDM) artwork and several alternative themes, but since our usplash version is lagging behind upstreams I think I’ll wait until we catched up again. The new version is not backwards compatible with the old one and the new one as quite a lot new cool features like:

which make it a lot easier to create good looking splash screens.