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Rebuilding the Archive Using Cowbuilder (II)

A few months ago I wrote a script to rebuild the archive using cowbuilder This script had a subtle bug: If you where running a sid machine and wanted to rebuild testing, the script would fetch the sources from sid (via apt-get source) and build this package in a testing environment.

Thanks to Gregor Herrmann (Currently unassigned NM with ~180 packages in the archive!) this bug is fixed now and it should be possible to rebuild the archive correctly for every host/build-environment combo.

To rebuild the archive, just get the scripts and

sudo aptitude install cowdancer grep-dctrl
sudo cowbuilder --create --distribution lenny --basepath /var/cache/pbuilder/testing-base.cow
./getlist lenny                  # get the list of packages
./buildall list.lenny.i386 lenny # build all packages in list.lenny.i386 in a lenny environment

Thanks Gregor for your patches and good luck with your NM process!