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Localizing reportbug-ng (II)

A month ago I asked for help to localize reportbug-ng. To my surprise translations came in pretty quick. Junichi Uekawa was the first one, he sent his Japanese translation only a few hours after my request for help.

Currently we have rng translated into the following languages: Catalan, Czech, English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish. Thanks David Planella, Miroslav Kure, Junichi Uekawa, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña and Daniel Nylander for your translations!

But that’s not enough. If your language is missing, please consider translating rng to your language. Just take the source of the current version in unstable, grab the .pot and translate it. There isn’t really that much text to translate. The .pot contains only 42 messages and most of them are very short.

When you’re done, please file a l10n+patch bug against rng with the translation attached. I’ll include your translation as soon as possible, thank you in the changelog and will probably name my first pony after you ;)