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Articles tagged "reportbug-ng"

Orphaning reportbug-ng

— After several years without development, it is time to say goodbye to reportbug-ng.

Reportbug-ng can now hide closed bugs

Reportbug-ng now supports complex queries

reportbug-ng has localization support again


Package Completion for Rng

Using rng for bug triaging

Reportbug finally has a GUI!


Gettext and QT4?

Rng 1.0 in unstable

Porting rng to QT4

Segfaults Everywhere

Lenny won't ship rng

Happy Birthday rng!

On #422085 and #417256

Want to get money for nothing and chicks for free, too?

Deserializing SOAP replies with ZSI?

Rng and others temporary broken

Implement two features and get the third for free!

Improved filtering for rng

Reportbug-NG finally in testing!

Python, os.fork(), webbrowser and debbugs

What does it take to break rng?


Localizing reportbug-ng (II)

Please help to localize reportbug-ng

New queries for reportbug-ng

Reportbug-NG migrated from SVN to BZR

Reportbug-NG, Now With Fancy Colors

Thanks Lazyweb,

Dear Lazyweb,

Reportbug-NG in Unstable

Reportbug-NG at Alioth

A Screencast is Worth a Thousand Pictures

Decoupling Presentation from Logic

Using My Favorite Mailclient When Reporting Bugs