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What does it take to break rng?

Actually just a small change in the html code of our BTS. The problem was easy to fix and the new version is already uploaded, but this shows again how fragile the connection between BTS’ html output and rng is. I’ve heard other tools where affected too – just one reason more to switch to SOAP as soon as possible.

An unfortunate side effect of today’s upload: In the last weeks I tried very hard to finally get rng into testing by not uploading as often as I wanted to. The problem aren’t RC bugs, but archs like SPARC or ARM which seem to have problems keeping up with the build queue. Being of priority extra doesn’t help very much, since packages with higher priorities (like: all other packages but rng) always jump the queue. Unfortunately my request to fix the override disparity I filed two weeks ago wasn’t processed yet and the only one who could fix this is currently on vacation. In fact others could fix this too, but it looks like they’re on vacation too. I guess I’ll just exclude both archs in one of the next uploads until things run smoother again.

But not everything is dark: with the current upload, a Dutch, a Frech, a Norwegian and a Polish pony found a new home.

Update: Looks like the override disparity has been fixed. Whoever fixed this, thank you! Rng should be available on all our archs by tomorrow and in testing in 10 days!