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Implement two features and get the third for free!

Today I’ve implemented a feature which was long overdue: making the table sortable by the available table headers. The second feature I’ve added is that every bug report now has it’s “Last Action” date. While both features are useful for themselves, combining both result in a very handy bug triaging tool.


A few months ago when I was trying to help the KDE team on their bug triage, I’ve missed the feature to sort bugs by their date of the last action in our BTS since I’ve noticed that many of the very old bugs (last action-, not bug number wise) where already fixed or could be closed for other obvious reasons. The problem was just to find all those “stale bugs”. I was able to close dozens of old bug reports but it took much more time to find them, than to decide whether they’re still active or not. And since I hadn’t the tools available to find the “easy targets” on a quick way, I gave up after a few days.

Today it’s just as easy as firing up rng and let it search for all bug reports belonging to the qt-kde team:


and sorting the resulting list by last action… sweet!

The package was just uploaded and should be available tomorrow.

Update: Don pointed out that you can get the ordering in the web interface too by appending ordering=age to the URL. Neat.