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Want to get money for nothing and chicks for free, too?

Is anyone out there interested in helping me developing reportbug-ng? I’m currently very busy with my diploma thesis and can’t spend as much time on my pet bug reporting tool as I’d like to spend. The package itself has some small bugs, is not yet feature complete, but in a fairly good shape and quite popular too.

If you’re interested you should have experience with python, QT and maybe some SOAP-skills. You don’t have to be a Debian Developer or -Maintainer!

I haven’t done this before so I don’t know that the best practice for such a situation is. I’m currently thinking of something like:

  1. First you send me patches, which I’ll review, apply and upload
  2. After a while you get write access to the BZR repo
  3. Finally become co-maintainer of the package if you want

Interested? Then write me a mail to: venthur at debian org.

Oh, and please don’t write if you just want to get your pet-bug-which-I-still-refuse-to-fix fixed.

PS: If you prefer guys over chicks, you’re welcome too ;)