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Maximize vs Maximize to Preferred Size

In times where screen resolutions of 1600x… and above are becoming more and more common, I wonder if the maximize window button which enlarges a window to take all the available space on the desktop is still as useful as it used to be.

I noticed that some (if not all, I’m not a Mac user) applications on Mac only maximize their windows depending on the content of the window. For example if you maximize the window of your word processor, the window becomes only as wide as necessary to make the whole page visible. This doesn’t just look better on very large monitors, it is also more usable than a simple maximize since it doesn’t unnecessarily hide other windows.

Is there a window manager for Linux which does something similar, or better: is something like this possible with KDE? I know that QT widgets have a “preferred size” – shouldn’t it be possible to have a maximize to preferred size button? It’s surely not useful for every application, but may applications only need a quite small main window and look very ugly when maximized.