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Lenny Release General Resolution

I agree, this vote is one of the worst formulated I can remember. I think votes should be as easy as possible to understand, so that the voter is absolutely clear about what he’s going to vote. The current vote is the perfect example how not to design such a vote. Reading and understanding the ballot is very exhausting, the wording sounds polemic and given the options, it somehow feels like a trap.

Example: The first option is “Reaffirm the social contract”. Sounds nice, of course we want that, but in the footnotes it says

[…] we will delay the release of Lenny until such point that the work to free the operating system is complete (to the best of our knowledge as of 1 November 2008).

So you’re actually voting on delaying the release of Lenny until some technical details are cleared. This is really crap, why not name the option “Delay Lenny until foo” in the first place? I guess to motivate people a bit more to rank this option above all others.

I’m very disappointed. Next vote, fever options and clearer wording please.