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Canon IXUS 130

Dear Lazyweb,

Today I bought me a Canon IXUS 130 and was quite disappointed to see that it couldn’t properly connect to my Debian/Sid machine via USB. Apparenty the camera is not recognized as a USB Mass Storage Device but utilizes PTP. I upgraded to libgphoto2 ( from experimental and added a proper udev rule with vendor- and product-id but it did not help. Is there anything more I can try?

Update: Accessing the camera actually works, even with ligbphoto2 (2.4.6) from unstable. I can access the camera with gphoto2 and download pictures (but not with KDE’s filemanager). My problem was that I had rhythmbox running and the camera was automatically mounted by it as a media device. When KDE’s filemanager or gphoto2 tried to access the camera I got an error like: (‘Could not lock the device’): Camera is already in use., which is probably also a bug. Closing rhythmbox solved the issue and I was able to download images with gphoto2.