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Two months ago I asked for help porting python-debianbts, to Python3. Python-debianbts is a tiny little library that allows for querying Debian’s bug tracking system. Since Debian’s reportbug depends on it, the library is installed on ca 80% of the Debian installations. The main blocker back then was that python-debianbts depended on SOAPpy which was not available for Python3. So before we could port python-debianbts to Python3 we had to migrate from SOAPpy to pysimplesoap – a daunting task given the beast that SOAP is.

Fortunately, Gaetano Guerriero heard my call and helped a lot. First he migrated python-debianbts to pysimplesoap. Then, he ported python-debianbts to Python3 and now he is still busy fixing bugs and providing me with pull requests. I’m very satisfied with the outcome. His pull requests are very high-quality and come usually with the appropriate unit tests included. While he is doing the major grunt work, I merely do some occasional nitpicking and uploading to Debian/unstable.

Thank you very much Gaetano! If you ever come to Berlin, please drop me a note so I can invite you to a beer or two.