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Articles tagged "python"

Investigating popularity of Python build backends over time

— Inspired by a Mastodon post, I wanted to investigate how the popularity of build backends used in pyproject.toml files evolved since the introduction of PEP-0517 in 2015.

The State of Python Packaging in 2022

— Every year, I revisit the current best practices for Python packaging. This is my summary for 2022.

The State of Python Packaging in 2021

— Every year, I revisit the current best practices for Python packaging. This is my 2021 edition.

Writing Makefiles for Python Projects

— Exploring two different strategies for using Makefiles in Python projects

Perfection is Achieved When There is Nothing Left to Take Away

— In 14 years since starting this blog, I changed the software several times, with each iteration simplifying requirements and setup.

Creating Beautiful Github Streaks

— How to generate git commits in the past to create beautiful github streaks.

Introducing Noir

— noir is a drop-in replacement for black, with the default line length set to 79 characters.

Introducing Litestats

— litestats is a tool that converts Python's profiler output into a sqlite3 database for easier exploration and analysis.


Please Help to Port python-debianbts to Python3

What are the most popular .vimrc options?

How to get the most precise time, comparable between processes in Python?

Introducing python-ardrone

Summer School: Advanced Scientific Programming in Python

Query Google Scholar using Python

The sorry state of Python in Debian

Python2.6 Blockers

reportbug-ng has localization support again

Python 2.6 Transition

python-debianbts 1.0 uploaded to unstable

Please help to complete python-debianbts