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blag is now available in Debian

Last year, I wrote my own blog-aware static site generator in Python. I called it “blag” – named after the blag of the webcomic xkcd. Now I finally got around packaging- and uploading blag to Debian. It passed the NEW queue and is now part of the distribution. That means if you’re using Debian, you can install it via:

sudo aptitude install blag

Ubuntu will probably follow soon. For every other system, blag is also available on PyPI:

pip install blag

To get started, you can

mkdir blog && cd blog
blag quickstart                        # fill out some info
nvim content/            # write some content
blag build                             # build the website

Blag is aware of articles and pages: the difference is that articles are part of the blog and will be added to the atom feed, the archive and aggregated in the tag pages. Pages are just rendered out to HTML. Articles and pages can be freely mixed in the content directory, what differentiates an article from a page is the existence of the dade metadata element:

title: My first article
description: Short description of the article
date: 2022-06-18 23:00
tags: blogging, markdown

## Hello World!

Lorem ipsum.


blag also comes with a dev-server that rebuilds the website automatically on every change detected, you can start it using:

blag serve

The default theme looks quite ugly, and you probably want to create your own styling to make it more beautiful. The process is not very difficult if you’re familiar with jinja templating. Help on that can be found in the “Templating” section of the online documentation, the offline version in the blag-doc package, or the man page, respectively.

Speaking of the blag-doc package: packaging it was surprisingly tricky, and it also took me a lot of trial and error to realize that dh_sphinxdocs alone does not automatically put the generated html output into the appropriate package, you rather have to list them in the (i.e. so dh_installdocs can install them properly.