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Blag 2.0 released

A few days ago, I released a major update on blag, my blog-aware static-site generator, which introduces a few backwards-incompatible changes and many improvements over the old version.

Good-looking default theme

The old bare-bones default theme has been replaced with a good-looking one, based on the one used on this blog:

Blag Screenshot

It comes with a light- and dark theme that switches automatically based on the browser setting, as well as fitting light- and dark syntax highlighting themes for code blocks.

Improved quickstart

The blag quickstart command has been improved. Additionally to generating the configuration, it now also populates the working directory with the templates-, static- and content directories, containing the updated default theme and a few content pages to get you started.

No internal fallback templates anymore

Related to the changes in quickstart, the internal fallback template has been removed, and blag now completely relies on the templates in the local templates directory. This makes it more transparent for the user what is happening while simplifying blag’s internal logic.

However, this is a backwards incompatible change! In the case of a missing template, the user will be warned with a hint on how to obtain the missing template.

Index and archive are now separate

Previously, the front-page would always show the archive of all articles. This is not very useful when your blog contains more than a few dozen articles. With blag 2.0, the previous archive has been split into index and archive, where index is the front-page showing only the most recent 15 articles by default and linking to the archive which shows all articles. There’s also two corresponding templates in the templates directory.


Blag 2.0 is available on pypi, debian/unstable and github