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dotenv-cli update

Thanks to Nicholas Guriev, dotenv-cli now uses exec instead of popen to create the new process on POSIX systems.

As a refresher, dotenv-cli is a package that provides the dotenv command. dotenv reads the .env file from the current directory, puts the contents in the environment variables, and executes the given command with the extra environment variables set.

dotenv comes in handy if you follow the 12 factor app methodology or just need to run a program locally with specific environment variables set.

With this new change, when you call

dotenv my_awesome_tool

instead of forking a new process for my_awesome_tool, effectively creating a child process of dotenv, dotenv now uses exec to “become” the new process. This is a bit cleaner, as there is no longer a dotenv-process running that you don’t actually care about, and less-error prone when trying to send signals such as SIGTERM to the processes that runs my_awesome_tool.

Unfortunately, exec does not work properly under Windows, so here we still fall back to using popen.

This new feature is available in version 3.2.0 which is available on PyPI and debian/unstable.